The AFBJJ will endeavor to ensure the long life of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu in its natural progression.


With a massive competitor list smashing the all time record, the 2018 AJJC will showcase a "SUPER SATURDAY".

A detailed fight time and mat location schedule will be uploaded here on Thursday. The event will start at 8am with doors open at 7.15am and should conclude around 11pm. Competitors are advised to only be in attendance at least 30 min prior to their scheduled fight time. The schedule will allow for juniors to start off the event at 8am. Competitors fighting in both Gi and Nogi will be separated by opposite ends of the day.

Due to the large competitor list we recommend all competitors make appropriate preparations for the fight or fights as the case may be.

Good luck to all those seeking to become a  2018 Australian National Champion